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— Steve Boxley, Worldwide Head of Training, Information Intelligence Group, EMC, worked directly with Yuri at EMC, Information Intelligence Group “Yuri is an asset to the Italian team: he has both in-depth technical knowledge and an understanding of exactly what customers need to be successful using our products. From a training group perspective, he has grown the Italian revenue by putting together training programs for customers and partners as well as being an accomplished trainer, getting nothing but excellent evaluations from all those that he has taught.”

— Michele MantovaniRegional Country Manager CM&A, EMC
worked directly with Yuri at EMC, “Ho conosciuto Yuri al mio arrivo in EMC ed ho avuto il piacere di lavorare con lui fino all’inizio del 2011; durante questo periodo ho apprezzato la disponibilità di Yuri non solo nei confronti delle richieste dei clienti in merito alla pianificazione ed ai contenuti dei percorsi formativi dei quali lui era il responsabile per la divisione che guidavo, ma anche la disponibilità verso i colleghi ai quali Yuri non ha mai fatto mancare il suo supporto legato alla sua esperienza e conoscenza dei sistemi software Documentum. Yuri non si è mai opposto a ritmi di lavoro ed a trasferte estenuanti che spesso lo hanno portato lontano da casa e che non hanno mai intaccato la sua cordialità e serenità della quale il team ha sempre beneficiato. Consiglio Yuri a tutte quelle aziende che cercano competenza tecnica, disponibilità, estrema professionalità e serietà.

“I met Yuri when arrived by EMC and I liked to work with him until starting 2011; while that time I appreciated Yuri availability with customers requests about training scheduling and contents (he was head of education) and also his availability with the colleagues who often were supported by him because his experience and know-how about software platform Documentum. Yuri never objected exhaustive working and transfer times that often moved him away from home without scratching his friendliness always useful for the whole team. I suggest Yuri for all companies who are looking for technical skill, availability, high professionalism and reliability.”

— Alberto Codrino, was Yuri’s client ”Yuri’s contribution was essential to acquire and manage an ECM project (EMC2 Documentum platform) for one of our best customers. He also provided very effective support “on demand”, helping us to solve critical technical issues during the project and was very open and effective in transferirng his deep technical knowledge to our team.

Roberto Cavarero, was Yuri’s client ”One of the best man I worked with, thanks Yuri!

— Riccardo Magnani, Sr Consultant, EMC Computer Systems, reported to Yuri at EMC ”I have worked with Yuri in many Content Management design and implementation project. He has great IT understanding and modern Content Management design know-how, as well as outstanding communication skills that make very easy to work with him.

— Andrea Danese, Account Manager, EMC, managed Yuri indirectly at EMC, Information Intelligence Group ”Passionate and full of motivation in his job. Untiring and truly responsible in his role, Yuri was always available to discuss and find solution on any issues in a polite and calm manner and it was a pleasure to share professional life with him. Also top skill for Ecm area.

— Immacolata Battaglia, Client Solution Lead, EMC Italy, worked with Yuri at EMC, Information Intelligence Group ”Yuri is a talented and reliable professionist, his competency and his strong team approach are strong values to share and work with.

— Federica Spiga, Project Manager, PMP, EMC Italy, worked with Yuri at EMC, Information Intelligence Group ”I worked with Yuri on a complex and relevant project.He has excellent competence and very high motivation He was always observant of customer needs and flexible in managing customer demands. Organized, reliable, helpful and has very good leadership qualities that makes him a person that is able to determine on his own the success of a project. It’s been a great pleasure working with him. I recommend Yuri without hesitation

— Alessio Brozzi, IIG Consultant, EMC Computer Systems, worked directly with Yuri at EMC Information Intelligence Group ”When you have a problem and you need a good solution or when you want a smart suggestion then it’s time to ask Yuri. He has excellent technical and communication skills. Yuri knows how to manage all kind of situations in a brilliant way and he is a very good team player and project manager. I really recommend Yuri when you want to succeed.

— Marco Campiglio, Senior Consultant EMC Proven Professional, EMC Documentum, worked directly with Yuri at EMC, Information Intelligence Group ”Yuri has a complete vision of the consultancy in our field. He’s able to assess process analysis and system architectures in a professional and clear approach. He has also a valuable business knowledge which completes in my opinion his profile.

— Giulio Senesi, was Yuri’s client ”Yuri Simione is a capable manager beginning your a complex task and implementing it until completion. He has shown great ability and strong Progect Management knowledge of both J2EE architecture and ECM products.

— Fabrizio Buzi, ATC, EMC Computer Systems, worked with Yuri at EMC, Information Intelligence Group ”Yuri is strongly business oriented and he achieve all results using a very usefull operation strategy. He can manage lot of people on his workgroup remeaning a focal point for all thatn his reporting people needs.

— Bottari, Giorgio, National Area Manager, Clausmark Consulting GmbH, was with another company when working with Yuri at EMC, Information Intelligence Group ”Yuri is an hard worker, clever designer and good trainer for software applications and IT infrastructures, and he has got a real talent for business. He have helped me in the past addressing to me suitable profiles for my work of professional services manager. In these days Yuri is still supporting me in the diffusion of Clausmark software applications and flexible databases into large companies and complex enterprises, to deliver the top managers and the shareholders updated and consistent reports of their multiple projects and orders data. But most of all, because of his nice character, it is always a pleasure for me to work with Yuri.

— Maurizio Pilato, Senior Solution Architect, Globo Informatica, was with another company when working with Yuri at Next 2U Consulting ”Yuri is one of the most reliable person I had the honor to work with. He can boast a wide knowledge and a very good expertise in problem analyzing and a trustworthy problem solving capacity, even on arguments that he doesn’t know deeply or never mentioned before. I recommend him about any issue they can face, in any field or about any contest.

— Nicola Savino, was a consultant to Yuri at Next 2U Consulting ”I met a few months because Yuri was looking for a consultant on digital preservation for his company Next 2U Consulting. He is a great professional and very responsible when he concerns the document management field. It ‘s very specialized on Documentum and I am sure that the Next 2U Consulting is an important company for advice DMS.

— Marilena Allegretti, Education Solutions Consultant, EMC, worked with Yuri at EMC, Information Intelligence Group ”Yuri è una persona determinata ed estroversa, con capacità di operare in “team”, tenace nel perseguire e conseguire i risultati propostisi, in possesso di buone capacità relazionali e di un carattere concreto.

— Eva Colletti, Information Intelligence Group Consulting at EMC, EMC, worked directly with Yuri at EMC, Information Intelligence Group ”Yuri is an extremely qualified EMC consultant, with a significant technical experience that allows him to suddenly solve customers issues and help his colleagues to chose the best solution and approach in quite each kind of problems that can be faced in the daily working experience. Furthermore Yuri has a optimum problem solving skill. Yuri has also a good management skills, and he’s able to optimize his resources’ schedule and coordinate working activities. Yuri is also a reference for customers, with whom is able to have extremely good relationships with his optimum communication skills.

— Alessandro Del Prete, Client Solutions Lead, EMC, worked with Yuri at EMC, Information Intelligence Group ”I rarely met people with Yuri’s characteristics: great technical knowledge, dedication to his work, passion for what he does, positive attitude in every situation, great team leader, excellent communication skills, ambitious, goal-minded and one of the most accountable colleague I had the pleasure to work with. I could go on further, but I would get boring, so I will only close by saying he’s in my 5-top-talented short-list of people I had the pleasure and honor to work with.

— Francesco Di Egidio, System Engineer, EMC Computer Systems Italia S.p.A., worked directly with Yuri at EMC ”Yuri is one of the most clever guy I have never met.His technical and managerial skills are of high quality, he also has the ability to immediately understand and identify new solutions, It’s a pleasure for me to working with him.

— Massimiliano Botta, Content Management Software, Regional Sales Director, EMC, managed Yuri indirectly at EMC ”I had the privilege to work with Yuri; he is the type of person that is absolutely committed to develop business in non conventional ways, with great enthusiasm and, above all, he is very clever in communicating. I would recommend everyone to work with Yuri.

— Gianluca Guerrini, Project Manager, Comedata, was with another company when working with Yuri at EMC ”I worked with Yuri in a Documentum/SAP project about Invoice Management. He was good at teamwork and a professional very preparated. His experience has been very useful to overcome the most difficult situations during the project. I can say it was a pleasure working with him.

— Fabio Ricaldone, Senior Consultant, Reply, was with another company when working with Yuri at EMC “His technical and managerial skills are of high quality, has the ability to immediately understand and identify new solutions: every question has an answer. It’s a pleasure for me to working with him.

— Gian Marco Pizzuti, FSI Team Leader, EMC Computer Systems Italia Spa, worked directly with Yuri at EMC ”Yuri is an outstanding professional and a very customer-oriented person. I enjoyed the time we spent together and been lucky to achieve some very positive result. Hope to cross same paths again in the future.

— Marco Fontana, was Yuri’s client ”A very productive, proactive and result-driven guy. Yuri has greater knoledge and do his job hardly and seriously. It’s a pleasure for me to working with.

— David Corsi, was Yuri’s client ”Great connoisseur of the world documentary, has extensive experience in training and support project. Technical interesting and always available. TRUST.

— Andrea Marchese, Consultant, EMC Documentum, worked directly with Yuri at EMC ”Yuri is one of the most valuable members of our group. It is impossible for any one IT professional to have all the answers. For that reason his knowledge is sought on a day to day basis. There has never been a time Yuri has left me without an answer. He may not know the answer, but his innate researching abilities enable him to find the answer far quicker than most. It is not difficult to predict continued success for Yuri – he is a customer minded with an extensive technical background. Yuri has strong Documentum skills and has huge experience of Documentum implementations: he knows and applies best practices learned in more than 8 years of experience. This combination makes him an exceptional individual.

— Massimo Ugliono, IT Project Manager, Avio, was with another company when working with Yuri at EMC ”Yuri is a very competent and serious professional and, at the same time, he has big human qualities. His deep knowledge of Documentum and ECM was really precious for the success of our projects.”

— Gianfranco Vezzaro, C.E.O., Globo Informatica, was with another company when working with Yuri at EMC ”A Documentum EDM technical guru

— Sandro Barbieri, Senior Consultant, Global Software Technologies, was with another company when working with Yuri at EMC ”Yuri has excellent technical knowledge of Documentum platform and ecm market. He has strong emotional intelligence and relationship management skills which enables new opportunities from existing or new customers. If you need to contact one of the best Documentum consultant or simply need a partner to create new business opportunities in the IT field, Yuri is the right person: I definitely recommend him.

— Trevor Palmer, Sr Documentum Consultant, EMC, worked directly with Yuri at EMC ”Yuri is a great technical guy who is able to understand the issues at hand and can coordinate to resolve the issue. He has the ability to understand new concepts quickly and is able to evolve in this fast technical world. I highly recommend him.

— Enea Stucchi, Senior Account Manager, EMC, worked with Yuri at EMC ”Yuri is one of the most clever guy I have never met. Yuri has a high professional skill and he knows very well what the customers wants, he is not only an amazing technical resource but he has the ability to establish a strong trusted relationship with the customer.

— Pier Luca Brunetti, Senior System Administrator, Accenture Spa, was a consultant or contractor to Yuri at EMC Software ”Yuri is a very skillfull experienced technician. He is goal orientend, flexible and smart. It’s always a pleasure to work with him”. He has a deep understanding of Value Creation and how to effectively communicate with clients, at all levels. I recomend Yuri with no doubt!

— Dario Cascione, Account Manager, EMC, worked directly with Yuri at EMC Software ”Yuri is a valuable knoledge worker with extream professionalism as consultant. Well recognised by clients for his ability to deeply understand business issues and solve them by applying technology. Yuri is more than a consultant at the client side, he is an advisor and thrustable person. Yuri is recoomended in startup company where the greatest target is creativity and quick development of a deep client reletionship. Emotionally intelligent is a great person to have business with.”

— Gianluca D’Amora, ECM Consultant, Xerox, worked directly with Yuri at Xerox Global Services ”Several years (+10) experience in ECM / Documentum field is confirming his leadership in this role with no doubt. There are no questions or problems that would be not answered or solved. Highly recommended to any project works well both with IT and Business partners. Personally a very good friend and a mentor to me at Xerox.

— Sandro Ganci, Developer and Database Administrator, Politecnico di Torino, worked directly with Yuri at Xerox Global Services  ”Yuri is a dynamic person. He is hardworking, intelligent and always a problem solver. For me was a pleasure to work and collaborate with him!

— Stefano Martinella, IT Cosultant, Xerox Global Services, worked directly with Yuri at Xerox Global Services ”Yuri is a real documentum guru and an extremely skillful ecm consultant. Always ready to help people and taking time to give detailed explanations he never hesitated to share his knowledges. Yuri is also a very nice and funny person with whom it was really pleasant to work.

— David Biancone, IT Senior Consultant, Xerox, worked directly with Yuri at Xerox Global Services ”Yuri has a great knowledge in advanced technologies for enterprise content management, Business Intelligence and in learning/e-learning .His keen interest in customers’ needs completes an outstanding profile.

— Santi De Luca, PreSales Analyst, Xerox, worked with Yuri at Xerox Global Services ”Yuri understands technology as well as how it translates to solving customer business problem. He is passionate about his work and it shows in the quality of his work product.

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