The Feeling Skin: The First iPhone Case that bonds Friends Deeper

The Feeling Skin: The First iPhone Case that bonds Friends Deeper

The Feeling Skin is a “smart” case for an iPhone using color pulsations and intensity variations to keep you in tune with the mood of your close friends. It also acts as a full-day smart battery pack for your phone.

San Francisco, April 3, 2014— Twelve Monkeys Company, a smartphone accessories startup, is launching a Kickstarter campaign for the Feeling Skin, the first “smart” and social iPhone5/5S case that alerts you of the mood of your friends. Using its companion app, simply hit “Mood Up” or “Mood Down”, snap a video of the moment you are in and share it with your community. Each time you receive a Mood, your Feeling Skin will light up and pulse to notify you of your friends’ emotions. The Feeling SkinApp is free and compatible with any phone. The Pulse button on the back of the case invites your friends to share their moods.

“The Feeling Skin is an object that allows you to bond deeply with your friends, it senses your friends’ current emotions. The Feeling Skin has empathy”, says Rémy Koné, CEO of Twelve Monkeys Company.

The Feeling Skin is also a smart battery case that can prolong the life of your battery up to 80%. The case automatically detects when the battery is running low, and will automatically charge your iPhone5/5S. You can also do this by manually enabling the Charge function on your app. The Feeling Skin comes with a USB cable making it easy to synchronize and charge your phone. Thanks to a patented technology, the Feeling Skin allows you to both charge and synchronize your iPhone5/5S with the USB cable. This unique, sensual and lightweight case will protect your phone and make you stand out.

About the Feeling Skin Kickstarter Campaign:

  • $1 gets you a beta version of the Feeling Skin App
  • $69 gets you your very own Feeling Skin Case, plus a beta version of the app (49$ for the first 250 backers).

Link to the Kickstarter campaign:

About Twelve Monkeys Company:

Founded in 2012 by three childhood friends, Rémy Koné, David Frot, and Adrien Courty, Twelve Monkeys’ mission is to create “smarter” smartphone accessories, through intelligently designed connected objects that harness the power of a smartphone and bring about new forms of interaction.Feeling Skin F Emotion&Techno

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