A new standard from OASIS: Web Experience Management Interoperability (WEMI) the “CMIS for WCM”

Oasis is defining a new standard. The WEMI, Web Experience Management Interoperability will define a standard for web content management systems.

As reported in the Oasis announcement, the new technical committee will target a very focused set of use cases:

  • Display and Mashup Content from a WCM
  • Index Content and Metadata
  • Export all Content / Migration

The following use cases are out-of-scope for the initial set of deliverables:

  • Entitlement and Access Control
  • Versioning and Records Management
  • Data Ingestion / Write operations

Also, this technical committee will engage in maintenance of the specifications it produces.

The tasks of the technical committee include:

  • To articulate the principles of WEMI through formal specifications
  • To assess the relationship of WEMI to related standards and industry efforts including (but not limited to) CMIS, WebDAV, and JCR (JSR-170, JSR-283)
  • To define appropriate specifications for WEMI:
    • Abstract domain model, feature set, and operations
    • Lightweight, resource-oriented HTTP bindings

The technical committee shall also support the effort of producing a reference implementation and test suite that validate the specifications, both deliverables will be implemented as community open source projects.

The first meeting of the WEMI technical committee will be held on 16 Jan.

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