Squid Solutions in-database analytics with Greenplum Database white paper

EMC released today on Powerlink an interesting white paper about a Greenplum implementation for Squid Solutions.  This white paper briefly discusses how Squid Solutions embedded Greenplum database in their web intelligence solution architecture.

Executive summary
Squid Solutions is a web analytics company that provides web intelligence to ecommerce customers in form of Software as a service (SaaS). Squid Solutions’ fullymanaged SaaS architecture heavily relies on Greenplum technology, notably the
analytic database, to deliver the superior performance of Squid’s web analytic
functionalities Squid Solutions will handle all the technical integrations in terms of
hardware, software provisioning, installation and configurations as a service provider.
Since this white paper intends to demonstrate how Squid Solution leverages
Greenplum technology in its core architecture, it will only cover preliminary
interoperability between Greenplum and Squid Solutions. Technical details, such as
installations and configurations, of both Greenplum Technology and Squid Solutions
will not be discussed in this white paper.

Squid’s solution contains an embedded massively parallel data-warehouse and uses
in-database processing technology. As a result, users continue to enjoy fast,
interactive dashboards at the finest level of detail, even though data volumes may
grow tremendously over time.

This white paper is intended for EMC field facing employees such as sales, technical
consultants, support, as well as customers who will be using Squid Solutions. This is
neither an installation guide nor an introductory material on Squid Solutions. It
documents Squid Solutions connectivity and operation capabilities with Greenplum
Database, and shows the readers how it can be used in conjunction with Greenplum
database to retrieve, transform and present data to users.

White paper is available for registered Powerlink users here.

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