Records Management: Launch of MoReq2010 testing programme

Earlier this year the DLM Forum announced the publication of its MoReq2010 (Modular Requirements for Record Systems) Specification. MoReq2010 Modular Requirements for Records Systems Volume 1 Core Services & Plug-in Modules Version 1.0, can be downloaded here.

The specification is of interest to every person and organisation that needs to keep information and records. It contains functional and non-functional requirements for records systems. A records system is an “information system which captures, manages and provides access to records through time” (ISO 15489-1:2001, 3.17)

MoReq2010 logo

To coincide with the first day of the DLM Forum’s triennial conference the DLM Forum has begun to release the MoReq2010 test framework and kick started the testing programme for compliant solutions. The DLM Forum is now releasing the test framework that will be used by accredited test centres for testing solutions.

The test framework consists of a number of separate test materials including:

  • The test framework overview and instructions,
  • The pre-qualification questionnaire to be completed by suppliers on application,
  • The test modules including test data and test scripts.

The MoReq2010 test programme is currently in BETA and will remain so until the test framework has been verified by testing in the field. Verification of the test framework will be done concurrently with the first few solutions to be tested. As some suppliers have already expressed interest in having their solutions tested and certified, the DLM Forum is keen to discuss with them potentially joining the BETA test programme.

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