EMC – Next Generation Information Server – Traits Explained

Watch Jeroen VanRotterdam, Chief Architect of EMC, Information Intelligence Group explain the architecture of the new NGIS Next Generation Information Server.

NGIS is a shared nothing, public cloud architecture for next generation Enterprise Content Management. NGIS is not yet a ready to use technology but EMC is working to provide a successor or just a “brother” to his Documentum platform.

Traits are a concept similar to the Aspects and (Type Business Object) TBO. The very interesting thing is that you have to add every behavior and  attributes needed. For example you will add attributes and services (methods) related to the versioning only if your object instances are not fixed contents/objects. This will save space on the database layer (xDB, a proprietary, high performance, Xml Database) and reduce complexity (improve performance?) of the repository.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpPdtfwjmc4]

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