Autonomy Unveils New IDOL-Based HP TRIM Enterprise Records Management Solution

Autonomy, an HP Company, today unveiled its new release of HP TRIM enterprise records management solution. Powered by the Autonomy Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), HP TRIM 7.2 delivers new capabilities designed to meet the increasingly complex and high-stakes information governance demands of corporations and the public sector.

Autonomy IDOL enables HP TRIM 7.2 to automatically index all relevant information, and form an understanding of all conceptually related content and topics within both unstructured and structured information. These capabilities include auto-categorization of records, in which IDOL automatically recognizes and applies the appropriate policy to each piece of information, based on established rules, pending legal matters, and regulatory requirements. Additionally, IDOL’s manage-in-place capabilities automatically form an index of the entire data set of an enterprise, allowing organizations to leave information where it resides, rather than require costly and error-prone transfers of data.

Autonomy IDOL’s advanced conceptual search technology also replaces Oracle Inso filtering technology and Lucene keyword search functionality in HP TRIM 7.2, providing customers with dramatic improvements in search, indexing, and viewing capabilities.

Organizations can use HP TRIM 7.2 to automate and simplify what has traditionally been a costly, cumbersome, and error-prone process. Businesses and government agencies are overloaded with both structured and unstructured information that comes from disparate sources and in an array of formats. This explosion of information has created a significant regulatory compliance issue for many organizations, as the task of capturing, securing, retaining, and disposing of enterprise-wide information has become a costly and manually-intensive effort.

In addition, as corporations and government agencies increasingly operate across borders, they must understand and comply with multiple overlapping regulatory requirements for each piece of enterprise information. As a result, organizations often retain information for much longer than required, resulting in escalating storage costs, or dispose of information prematurely, resulting in stiff fines and penalties for breaching regulatory compliance requirements.

HP TRIM 7.2 enables organizations to overcome these challenges by automatically recognizing concepts and patterns in all forms of data within the enterprise in real-time, and applying policies appropriately.

Enhancements to HP TRIM 7.2 include allow organizations to:

  • Auto-categorize all information in an enterprise and apply appropriate policies
  • Control business records in-place
  • Apply records management rigor to SharePoint in the cloud
  • Simplify HP TRIM for SharePoint administration with synchronized classification and term sets
  • Automate disposition of records across countries and regulatory regimes with multi-jurisdictional retention management
  • Enhance scalability and performance to meet the needs of the largest enterprises

“Over the years, the information landscape within organizations has become increasingly complex, while the risks associated with failing to comply with regulatory requirements have escalated,” said Galina Datskovsky, SVP of Information Governance Solutions at Autonomy. “Legacy technologies have failed to keep pace with the increasingly dynamic nature and volume of information. Autonomy’s information governance platform continues to win in the marketplace, as more and more organizations recognize the unique advantages of technology that automatically identifies and understands concepts in all forms of data, and applies consistent governance rules across all content classes.”

The IDOL-based TRIM 7.2 is immediately available. Visit to learn more about this product.

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