16,000 Organizations Worldwide Now Boost Their Productivity with the ISYS 1-Click FileFinder

SYS Search Software, one of the global leaders in Enterprise Search Solutions, today announced it passed the bar of 16,000 corporate customers who utilize its ISYS 1-Click FileFinder™ indexing and search technology – including Boeing, ExxonMobil, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, EMC², Sybase, MarkLogic, US Army, United Nations, US Drug Enforcement Administration, Victoria Police (Australia), and many law enforcement agencies around the world.

The ISYS 1-Click FileFinder™ is the ultimate Employee Productivity-Booster Enterprise Search Solution. It is built to help Large Organisations and Small & Medium Businesses put an end to time wastage by measurably boosting employees’ productivity: to make them work smarter, faster and more efficiently – and to ultimately generate more business for their companies.

ISYS 1-Click FileFinder™ is a unique solution enabling employees of companies of any size to:

  1. Search and find whatever business information they need – file, email or document
  2. Regardless of format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.)
  3. Regardless of who created it within their organization
  4. Wherever it’s stored: internally on any desktop, laptop, server, ERP, CRM or mobile device
  5. Anywhere across their entire Company: locally, regionally or globally
  6. At the click of a button

As an Employee Productivity-Booster solution, the track record of the ISYS 1-Click FileFinder™ speaks for itself:

  • Major US Health Insurer Boosted Staff Productivity by 67%
  • Leading US Medical Institution Boosted Researcher Productivity by 400%
  • UK Police Force Increased Daily Productivity by 600%
  • UK Law Firm Generated 15% More Revenue

“Organizations now have to face a gigantic challenge: Big Data – that’s billions of files and documents developed and stored by employees across all divisions within the entire company,” said Scott Coles, CEO of ISYS Search Software.

“Employees can spend hours (if not days) looking for the business information they need, to do their job properly – that kills their productivity, and reduces the enterprises’ ability to increase profits. Equipping their staff with the ISYS 1-Click FileFinder™ is the smart move 16,000 organisations of all types and all sizes have made to boost their staff productivity,” he added.

The ISYS 1-Click FileFinder™ FREE Business Trial is at www.ISYSFileFinder.com

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