The ECM Market as viewed by Gartner

The $3.9 billion ECM market is consolidating with just five vendors competing globally:

  • EMC, (market share 12%)
  • IBM, (market share 20%)
  • Microsoft,
  • OpenText
  • Oracle

And many niche players that are increasing their market share.

It is interesting to note that Gartner removed Autonomy from his report because this company is not actively promoting any products as ECM; rather, it focuses on meaning-based computing.

The ECM market:

  • in 2009 grew by 5.1%
  • in 2010, grew by 7.6%
  • the growth will continue at a compound rate of 11.4% through 2015.

Large vendors will continue to focus on an enterprise solution, whereas some of the niche vendors are certainly introducing a lot of capabilities that are being requested.

Gartner predicts a “coexistence strategy” for SharePoint and ECM, and also sees the Microsoft platform as a way to deal with enterprise collaboration for work in progress content. SharePoint is providing the end users with an intuitive interface which users, in their environment are comfortable with.

Some of the forces of change on the future ECM market will come from these four key areas:

  • The Cloud
  • Mobility
  • Analytics
  • Big Content

The four major usage scenarios or “worlds” of ECM are as follows:

  • Transactional content management
  • Social content management 
  • Online channel optimization
  • Content management as infrastructure

In terms of geographies the Asia-Pacific region is outstripping all others for document and records management, collaboration and knowledge management deployments.

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