New KnowledgeTree Private Cloud Edition Lets Companies Manage Business Processes around Documents on Their Own Infrastructure

Today KnowledgeTree announced the availability of the Private Cloud edition of its Document Management tools. This new technology allows companies to choose the deployment model that makes sense for their organization: software-as-a-service in a secure public cloud or on-premise in a virtualized, private cloud environment.

The new Private Cloud edition answers that challenge by leveraging the proven tools in KnowledgeTree’s software-as-a-service Public Cloud edition. Customers gain:

  •  Enterprise-class tools that let users organize, manage, and collaborate on business documents. KnowledgeTree customers save thousands of dollars per employee by boosting productivity around document-led processes.
  • Easy deployment that lets companies launch a SaaS account instantly, or get a private cloud implementation running in hours, not weeks – no developers required.
  • Rich tools that let users access, synchronize, and manage documents from the desktop and within Microsoft Office and Outlook. That means users can control documents from the browser or business productivity tools that they use every day.
  •  Low operational expenses for hardware due to the virtualized deployment model. Customers receive a scalable architecture installable on their own infrastructure.

“Organizations need to control their business documents, but today’s other options aren’t good enough,” said Daniel Chalef, KnowledgeTree’s CEO. “Companies need business-class tools and the flexibility to manage documents in a private or public cloud; from their desktop, in Microsoft Office, or on their mobile device. KnowledgeTree’s flexible options provide a ‘total’ cloud solution.”

Test-drive KnowledgeTree Public Cloud edition free for 14-days to experience the functionality or access the datasheet.

About KnowledgeTree
KnowledgeTree makes documents matter. Orbitz, Miramax, Alcatel / Genesys, Fuji Chemical, and hundreds of other companies use KnowledgeTree to drive productivity by working smarter with documents in a public or private cloud. KnowledgeTree helps legal, finance, HR, and sales teams easily develop and execute business processes around documents, and drive productivity and actionable insight. KnowledgeTree is headquartered in Raleigh, NC. Find out why Network World called KnowledgeTree one of the 10 SaaS companies to watch. Visit for more information and to download the complimentary eBook.

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