Ephesoft Completes Sale to Leading Global BPO

Ephesoft Inc., the leader in providing advanced cloud-ready capture solutions, today announced the sale of a large-scale enterprise class system to one of the world’s largest BPOs. The sale followed an exhaustive proof-of-concept exercise in which Ephesoft bested seven other competitors. The solution will process over 450 million pages of mortgage files by automatically classifying and separating a wide variety of document types and then extracting key metadata for further processing. Searchable PDFs will be created in a tabbed format and deposited into their IBM Content Manager ECM. The BPO selected Ephesoft primarily for its unique 3 tier architecture which provides flexibility in scaling for all size projects and extensive security at each tier. The solution is 100% browser-based and provides for load balancing, high availability, and disaster recovery.

Ike Kavas, CTO of Ephesoft, commented “In addition to the above features and benefits that Ephesoft brings, this BPO plans to expand on its Open Source systems. The current Ephesoft system uses Linux-based web servers and Windows-based Application Servers. However, they are planning to have a 100% Linux platform to support their business. Since Ephesoft is the only platform today that can deploy an Intelligent Document Capture system running on Linux and work with other open source systems such as Ubuntu and RedHat, partnering with Ephesoft was the logical choice. ”

“While keeping technology solution costs as low as possible are a necessity for all BPO providers, the proper technical solution was most important here due to the complexity of the documents and the enormous volume of documents. So once the technology was proven to perform well, our standard benefits of unlimited volume with unrestricted user counts quickly sealed the deal. ” said David Talarico, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Americas at Ephesoft. “Our easy-to-implement platform and unique business model are perfectly suited to BPOs who must respond to new opportunities quickly and efficiently. No other ‘intelligent capture’ solution fits the BPO and Cloud-Centric environment as well as Ephesoft.”

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