Autonomy Unveils Next-Generation Information Platform Built for “Human Information” Era

Autonomy, an HP Company, today announced a groundbreaking information platform, Autonomy IDOL 10, designed to help organizations understand and process 100 percent of enterprise information in real time.

IDOL 10 provides a single processing layer that enables organizations to extract meaning and act on all forms of information, including audio, video, social media, email and web content, as well as structured data such as customer transaction logs and machine-based sensor data.

The platform combines Autonomy’s infrastructure software for automatically processing and understanding unstructured data with the high-performance real-time analytics engine for extreme structured data from Vertica, an HP Company.

From the start of the IT industry until today, humans have had to adapt information to fit the machine, and data was organized into rows and columns, a process which relied on people understanding and manually classifying data. Computers could not understand the complexity of human interactions.

However, people do not speak in zeroes and ones, but have complex language and idioms, send photographs and videos, and communicate via social media – all of which traditional databases cannot process. The challenge for the modern enterprise is to understand and extract the value from this rich sea of Human Information, which accounts for 85 percent of all corporate data, including emails, audio, video, social networking, blogs, call-center conversations, closed circuit TV footage, and more.

Today, the combination of Vertica’s high-speed analytics platform with Autonomy’s IDOL technology marks a fundamental shift in our ability to process this volume of data. We are at an historical moment when it is the “I” in Information technology that is changing. Autonomy provides solutions that understand the full spectrum of enterprise information, both human and structured information, and recognize the relationships that exist within it.

By enabling computers to understand the shades of grey in the world, rather than simply the black and white found in databases, Autonomy Information Management allows businesses to automate key processes and improve an organization’s efficiency.

“For far too long, organizations have confined structured data to relational databases and unstructured data to simplistic keyword matching technologies,” said Mike Lynch, executive vice president, Information Management, HP. “IDOL 10 brings these worlds together, allowing organizations to automatically process, understand, and act on 100 percent of their data, in real-time. The results will be dramatic, as businesses can develop entirely new applications that explore the richness and color of Human Information that live in unstructured, semi-structured, and structured forms.”

Platform built for the Human Information Era – IDOL 10 features:

  • A single processing layer for forming a conceptual, contextual and real-time understanding of all forms of data, both inside and outside an enterprise.
  • A combination of Autonomy’s infrastructure software for automatically processing and understanding unstructured data with Vertica’s high-performance real-time analytics engine for extreme structured data.
  • Unique pattern-matching technologies, powered by an analytics engine based on statistical algorithms that recognize distance in ideas as well as concepts and context in real time.
  • Five new solution sets – HP Big Data Solutions, HP Social Media Solutions, HP Risk Management Solutions, HP Cloud Solutions and HP Mobility Solutions.
  • “Manage-in-place” technology, which forms an index of all forms of data, allowing information to reside in its original location. This eliminates the need for making copies of data, reducing storage hardware costs and removing the need for risky and inefficient transfers of data.
  • NoSQL interface that provides a single processing layer to perform cross-channel analytics that understands both structured and unstructured data.
  • The Vertica Analytics Platform, which includes enhanced native in-database analytics, including new capabilities for geospatial, event-series pattern matching, event-series joins, and advanced aggregate statistical and regression analytics.
  • Vertica’s real-time analytics for real-world applications delivers performance enhancements throughout the Vertica Analytics Platform in areas such as subqueries, database statistics, life cycle management, query optimization, data re-segmentation and join filtering.
  • Enhanced elasticity features that enable dynamic expansion and contraction of clusters more than 20 times faster in every deployment scenario – cloud, virtual and physical – allowing users to quickly create additional capacity as needed.

HP Information Optimization is a core component of an Instant-On Enterprise. In a world of continuous connectivity, the Instant-On Enterprise embeds technology in everything it does to serve customers, employees, partners and citizens with whatever they need, instantly.


IDOL 10 is scheduled to be available worldwide on Dec. 1, 2011.

Visit to learn more about Autonomy IDOL 10.

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